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Do You Ever Have Weird Dreams?

     It’s a Grizzly Bear, and it’s in our house. The massive beast is trying to crawl into our bed. The hairy intruder with gigantic claws and rippling muscles is not welcome to join us. We slip out of bed, disappearing into more remote parts of our abode. The bear lumbers after us. Is he acting more like a loyal puppy or hunting us? We are unsure and unwilling to find out.

     To our great relief, the bear finally wanders out the front door, but our jubilation for delivery from danger is cut short when the creature stands up on its hind legs, turns around and opens the door like a proper gentleman. We quickly slip out the back and into our car. If the bear wants the house, I guess we can go somewhere else.

     The timing of our departure is perfect because we’ve recently started a local church, and it’s time for a community-building event followed by a sermon. We park our car on a side street and begin walking towards the meeting place. But I quickly realize that I have two problems. First, I have no idea where the congregation is meeting, and second, my clothing flies off me with every step I take.

     I experience heightened levels of anxiety as I recognize my situation. I am a naked pastor wandering aimlessly through the streets of a small town, looking in vain for some congregants who will surely be surprised by the total openness wherewith I am about to greet them!

     Why do we dream such dreams? What could this mean? Are there messages for me here? Who is the Grizzly Bear? Does the bear represent something or someone? The bear seems friendly, almost human, but I’m not willing to interact with it. Why? Is the dream telling me I have trust issues or need to take more risks?

And why do I feel such anxiety over being lost and exposed? Well, those are common things we all get nervous about. But why do they show up here in this dream? Am I supposed to be more open to the mystery of unknowing? Do I feel the anxiety of exposure because I have something to hide?

     When it comes to dreams there are countless interpretive possibilities, so I don’t worry about that part. For me, dreams are mostly just free entertainment. My mind has its own reasons for highlighting things while my batteries recharge, and I’m just happy when I can remember them so I can share a chuckle with my kids and my friends.

     However, if I dream this dream again, I hope I will make friends with that Grizzly Bear. That would have been amazing!

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