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RubA535, Toasters, “Blamo” and the Joy of Shared Memories.

What do RubA535, a four-slice toaster, and the word “Blamo” have in common? They are random bits that gather up entirely new meanings, creating wildly entertaining memories when collected and input into a shared experience.

The cousins from Vancouver don’t often meet up with the cousins from Winnipeg. Time and circumstance have limited cousin reunions to just three in the last ten years, so we have to make the most of it when we get together. This year, we did just that. Yes, the fishing was great, and so was the food, but the best part is to see the memory-making that comes from the shared connection to random things.

One of the cousins accidentally brushed her teeth with RubA535, and that word is now forever changed because it has been infused with memory-warming hilarity. There are 20 people in this world that will laugh outright now anytime the word “RubA535” is used from now to forever! That’s really cool! A debate over which type of toaster is better, the two-slice or the four-slice, has created another joy-filled memory that is called up every time any of us see a toaster now. When one of the cousins hooked into a big fish, he cried out exuberantly, “Blamo!” That’s not even a word! — But it is now, and every time one of us set the hook on a fish, from now on, that word will get blurted out, and we will smile for all the good memories that have been made.

It’s so good to share life like this. The memories produced from these moments are what good living is all about. Enjoy the highlight video below!

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  1. You nailed it, following on the heels of Abby and Jordan’s wedding video! What beautiful gifts to our family!

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