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My Book Escaping the Mortal Cage is ready for you to purchase!

     My cat gives me a celebratory headbump. Purring loudly, he licks my ear and half sniffs, half nibbles my lobe. Somehow, he knows I’m happy, and he’s glad to be a part of my joy. 

   I’m happy because, at long last, I have completed my book. It only took twelve years, but here’s hoping that books are like fine wine: the longer they sit and age unopened, the better they get!  I’ve had a dozen years to wrestle over every single word on these pages, and I’m really glad for the extra time. I needed it! 

     In keeping with the fine wine, theme, it’s time to crack open Escaping the Mortal Cage and share it with everyone else. What will you taste if you read my book? 

  •   There are the unmistakable flavours of bitterness, struggle, doubt and skepticism. They come pouring out as I share one true story after another, including my own.  Life is hard.  
  • There are the rough and raw notes of authenticity and vulnerability. This book is not soda pop and lemonade — It’s wine. It will pull you in directions you might not expect to go.   
  • Finally, the taste for hope in a better story emerges on the palate. It lingers on in the midst of the darker pungency, ever so slightly overcoming it. 
     If you or someone you know has left the faith or has serious misgivings about continuing in the world of Christian belief, this is the book they need.

  If you live in or around Vancouver, email me at, and I’ll get you a copy. You can pay 22 dollars via e-transfer or give me cash. 

 If you can’t get the book directly from me, you will find it retailing for around 23-25 bucks in the US and Canada, wherever you buy your books. Of course, the Kindle price is much cheaper if you are into E-Reading.

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  1. Congratulations on the completion of your book. I would believe it is a long twisted journey to the end.

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