In Search of Better Stories

I am happily married and blessed with four children.

Born in Calgary, raised in Winnipeg, lived in the States for 17 years. Gained both undergraduate and graduate degrees while there. I also gained my wife and children during my southern sojourn. Additionally, I gathered up about a dozen years of professional pastoral experience.

In 2010 we packed up our things and moved back to Canada, settling into downtown Vancouver. Over the course of the last decade, we were able to start a small local church in Vancouver’s West End.

Everything changed for us in 2020 with financial shortfalls in our denomination and the onset of a world wide pandemic. 7 months of searching for work and 130 resumes later I landed a job as the Building Administrator of the Veterans Memorial Manor in Vancouver’s DTES. — I couldn’t be happier with this new position.

The deep passion of my life has always been chasing down better stories and communicating them. Whether writing, speaking, or making videos, I’ve found myself filled with great joy when my audience not only gets what I’ve attempted to communicate, but is also profoundly moved by it.

If you have the same passion for writing, videography, and speaking I’d love to connect.

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