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Youthful Love – Marital Bliss

It was the joy that jumped out to me the most. These two kids seemed thrilled at the prospect of being together forever. They had found each other and made their commitments, so let the party begin! There was no fear or doubt, no second guessing or uncertainty. It was just “yes” and “amen.” It did my old weathered heart good to see it. It was health to my bones to be captured by the joy and celebration of Jordan and Abby’s special moment in time.

Every good day of celebration has key moments that make it memorable. For me, there was the symbolism of the unity candle followed by the kissing of the bride. (5:20) There was the tear-jerking original song by the bride’s mom (7:19) and then of course the comedy routine of Grandma Carol going absolutely bonkers on the dance floor. (9:32)

Jordan and Abby, you are off to a great start, with a bundle full of fantastic memories of your big day! Remembering and cherishing the sacred history you are building together will become increasingly important as the years go by. I hope this highlight video will be of some help as you learn to cherish your own special story.

Much love,

Uncle Dennis.

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  1. Incredible job, Den. An amazing video that I will treasure always. The beauty and the joy of that day, you have forever immortalized and I am so grateful to you.

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