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Which Do You Prefer?

     Which would you prefer? A mysterious story about a strange great Aunt who, after all these years, may have been Anastasia Romanov? Or the sad story of a mom gone missing and the two daughters who, after twenty-four years, decide to retrace the steps of that fateful vacation in Australia in order to find out what really happened to mom.

    For me, the slight edge goes to the Romanov story. Maybe my deep love of history tipped me in this direction. Maybe it was the author’s use of humour or the engaging and lovable characters that emerged. Perhaps it was the moral within the story that taught me to accept myself for who I am, that I’m good enough as is and shouldn’t bend the truth to fit in or pretend to be something I’m not in order to be accepted.

     It’s the combo platter of all of these things that push me in the direction of The Storyteller, but this is not to say the other story isn’t a good one. If you like a straight-up “Who done it?” murder mystery with several twists and turns that keep you guessing right to the very end, then Birds in Flight is your book. 

     This was a nice break from my usual genre and they say that’s good for me. 

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