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Ecstasy or Terror?

Tony looks like he is having a moment of spiritual ecstasy. Meanwhile, my face shows sheer terror. Why is that? I don’t remember feeling scared, but my face betrays me. I guess I can’t be faulted for showing a bit of fear. I was jumping off a cliff, after all. I don’t remember too much fear that day, only loads and loads of fun. To get to Widgeon Falls, you have to canoe your way across the narrow end of Pitt Lake, then up Widgeon Creek, stopping to ditch the canoes at Widgeon Creek Campground. From there, you hoof it up an easy trail or a more challenging one, depending on how your old hockey injuries are doing. The trail branches off to your right, and you descend down into a boulder-filled gorge. Snaking between these massive marbles for giants is a crystal clear stream of water that bounces, splashes and pools on its never-ending journey downward. Widgeon Falls is one of those perfect playgrounds that Mother Nature has crafted. You can climb and swim. If you bring your snorkelling gear, you can get up close to some beautiful fish, and then, of course, for those who want to take a bit more of a risk, you can always jump off a bolder or a cliff into pristine pools of water below. Fun times. The highlight video below gives you a good idea of what you can expect!

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