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Man Time: The First 13 Years!

We created the name. A combination of my dad’s name Dave and my grandpa’s name Arve


Since we created the name, we felt like we could make the meaning.

Courageous Peacemaker

It has been my great joy for these last 13 years to walk alongside our courageous peacemaker. He is growing beautifully into his name’s meaning.

As father and son, we share bucket loads of fantastic memories together. Man-Time is what we call it — our opportunity to escape the mundane rhythms of life in search of high adventure! We have found our fill of it, and in so doing, one of the most beautiful bonds humankind can experience has been formed.

What a rare gift and immense joy it is for me to live out a father’s love for his son and experience a son’s love for his father.

Darve, I love you. The first 13 years have been incredible!

Enjoy the video.

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