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The Stars Have Moved

Where are the stars?
The clouds are thick the rain pours down.
No stars this early morning.
But wait,
What is this?
The stars have moved.
What a miraculous shift.
Despite the clouds, there they are, more than can be counted!

Round droplets of water cling desperately to the branches;
Valiantly they resist gravity.
Greedily the tiny orbs of water gobble up the glow of a street light.
Water becomes fire.
They twinkle, they shine, they dance,
They show off.
The stars are here, right now, in front of me.

Some will find themselves saddened,
The gloomy wetness of winter has blocked out the heavenly host.
But I know a different story.
These stars are not.
They have relocated.
Look to the trees.

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