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Camp: A Bit More Than Just Good Times

We have good people, the great outdoors, sports — hockey in particular — and plenty of adventure, with lots of laughter and happy smiles sprinkled in.

We have found ourselves leaping over cultural and language barriers to be together. The joy and wonder on children’s faces warm our hearts. The love song of a long-married couple who have weathered so many storms fills us with admiration and causes us to long for the truly good things in life.

We have the sad goodbye of one of our friends. Only a short time with us, but what an impact she made.

We have the silly games that cause us all to be kids again and the good teaching that provokes us to think deeper.

Finally, we have our faith. In some of us, it is strong. In others, not so much, but it’s present in its varying degrees of influence. It lifts us up and keeps us going. It helps us to forgive and love in stronger ways. It energizes us to join hands with joy and hope as we walk along.

Enjoy this short video below, which captures some of these reflections above.

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