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White Christmas in Vancouver – A Rare Treat!

I grew up in Winnipeg so outdoor winter play right outside my front door was as normal as the steaming hot chocolate that followed it. My children, on the other hand, growing up in Vancouver have not at all had the same experience. Of course, regular trips to the mountains could have remedied their lack of quality time with the cold powdery fluff, but for a number of wholly inadequate reasons our trips to mountain snowscapes have been intermittent at best.

That is why this year’s white Christmas was so special. We’ve been twelve years in Vancouver without one! When it finally came, we took full advantage! With nearly a foot of snow in some places and temperatures just below freezing for over a week, there was no question as to what our holiday plans would be. Queen Elizabeth Park, Sunset Beach, and Rice Lake all transformed themselves into paradises for winter play.

Enjoy the video below which captures Vancouver Wilkinsons acting like Winnipeg Wilkinsons!

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7 Responses

  1. Can I please be an “honorary Wilkinson?” You all have so much fun!!! Great memories being saved for future “Wilkies!”

  2. I want to be half as much fun as Grandma Carol when I get to be a grand(pa).

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