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If God is Dead, He Must Surely Have Died Trying to Solve the Jewish-Arab Problem

     I recently gave a talk highlighting the intractable situation in the Middle East. Israel and Hamas, is there a peaceful way forward? Not that I can see. These sorts of soul-crushing realities are profoundly damaging to many people of faith, myself included. What is the Christian supposed to do in the midst of intractable situations? I encourage you to listen to the sermon below. Much of the material from this talk is derived from my book Escaping the Mortal Cage. You can purchase your copy here. E-book, print copy, or Audible are all available for you. 

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2 Responses

  1. On the same theme.Story heard from Swedish priest.
    Wondering about the Israel-Palestine conflict:
    “Oh dear God will this problem ever be solved? “!
    God’s answer” If you ask me, not in my lifetime “

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