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Fishing in Downtown Vancouver

    Vancouver isn’t a perfect city. You’ll know this if you’ve read some of my other blogs. (See Stinky Town and the Blessing of Rain) But I don’t want ever to forget that there is a lot to love about this city! Beaches, mountains, parks, and miles and miles of sea wall pathways. We have moderate temperatures year-round so that we can maximize all of these incredible outdoor amenities.  I’m a big fan of our city, and I’m grateful to live here. 

     In the last year, my son and I have managed to find another fun activity to do, and it’s only five minutes from our apartment door! Turns out False Creek is loaded with fish! In particular, the Spiny Dogfish Shark. A perfect fish for a day of catch-and-release fun. We’ve gone four times in the last year and haven’t been skunked yet. This most recent excursion produced the best results so far. Fortunately, we had the drone, go-pro and iPhone along, so you can enjoy our adventure with us. 

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