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Explosions of Art All Over Our City


My 12-year-old daughter and I jumped on our bikes, and in about an hour, we captured 36 murals. There are piles and piles of them painted between 2nd and Broadway and Main and Cambie. I love how we, as a city, have decided to use the sides of buildings to showcase our local talent. These efforts are breathing life, creativity, and beauty into our city. It’s a delightful adventure to tool around on our bikes, discovering one fantastic creation after another. Our bike adventure should have been a boring ride through a drab industrial part of town, but it wasn’t. Instead, we rolled through a first-class discovery centre for art!

Jemma in Georgetown — August 2022

During our recent trip to Malaysia, we discovered that in Georgetown, tourists from all over the world come to get their pictures taken with iconic murals. Why not turn Vancouver into a city of iconic murals as well? It looks like we are already doing this, which makes me happy!

Now on to the winning mural; at the bottom of this blog, three Wilkinsons share which ones we think are worthy of a first-place award. But I’d like you to do the same. In the comments, please select the number of the one you like the best and tell us why.

  • Jemma went with #1. The combination of eye-popping colours and cute animals with mischievous eyes was too much for her to deny a first-place finish. 
  • Dennis went with #30. The artist masterfully handles the challenge of doing a single painting on two canvases, one 20 feet in front of the other. 
  • Tikvah went with #7. The vastness of where to go next in this mural creates a wall of curiosity, possibility, and exploration. It’s simply “cautiously alluring.”
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