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The Healing Round

If you have ever been smashed by failure this talk is for you. In this 20 minute speech, I share my story of joy robbing failure and how I stumbled across healing in the middle of it.

Your life can be falling apart at the seams, but in the quietness of a moment, you can be captivated by something truly beautiful and you can let that beauty wash over you until you naturally overflow with gratitude. Gratitude instinctively flows into creativity. It is in this round of beauty, gratitude, and creativity that healing happens!

The healing round is truly healing because it makes us be who we were intended to be. We were not made for distraction. We were not made to be driven to accomplish tasks like sled dogs and pack animals. We were made to live within the gentle embrace of the healing round.

It’s only a 20-minute talk, but it’s worth every minute of your time!

I don’t get to do as much public speaking anymore now that I am a building administrator instead of a pastor. But recently I had a chance to share. I miss public speaking and I’m looking forward to getting some more opportunities in the future.

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