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Crossing the Bridge

Nerves a plenty this day. Taking a bride — no small event.

With mostly failures as my guides, I’m a bit of a wreck.

Would I be a good husband? Would we get along? Have we rushed things?

“What abouts” and “What ifs” crowd into my mind and try to poison my heart.

Doubts are cursed things, especially when they don’t belong

I spit them out!

Mistin is on the other side of the bridge, down the forested path and around the bend.

To cross the bridge is the point of no return. My little Rubicon. 

The time for hesitation is over. 

A princess, a jewel, my best friend waits patiently for me on the other side. 

I stride across, head held high, my purpose clear. 

A Hundred steps or so beyond the bridge.

There she is, all in white, full of love, bursting with hope. 

She greets me with a welcoming smile. Her teeth gleam white like her dress. She is perfect. 

Her eyes, naturally blue, turn a mesmerizing green in the forest. They sparkle, shine, and dance. 

Everything about Mistin radiates love and beauty. 

I am smitten again like the night we first met. 

In her presence, everything else fades away.

We belong together. 

We emerge from the woods as one. 

We face the crowd. We say the vows, our life together becomes official. 

20 years have drifted past, memories pilling on top of wonderful memories. 

I’m so happy I crossed the bridge 

I’m so happy you met me on the other side

Dennis & Mistin 20 Years Together

I digitized our VHS wedding videos. Pulled out the best bits. Then I went way back in time and put together a montage of our growing up years. Then of course I inserted our love story, and then finally I put together a visual journey of our great love throughout the last 20 years. Today on our 20th anniversary I showed it to Mistin. — Needless to say, it was well-received.

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15 Responses

  1. Such a wonderful celebration of an amazing love and an amazing couple. So important to celebrate!

  2. Dennis, your story, Crossing the Bridge is absolutely wonderful. I have gone back and read it a few times. So beautifully done and from the heart. I just LOVED it. Thank you for sharing. You have such a big heart – no wonder I love knowing you. Junie

  3. Dennis and Mistin, this is all so very beautiful. Wow. Your story pre the marriage Dennis stole my heart and there was definitely a lurch in my heart. It was so utterly, utterly beautiful. What a wonderful tribute this is. I always knew dear Mistin was a beautiful woman but all of these pictures and your story confirms it. Well done both of you. Junie

  4. Wonderful compilation Dennis. You deserve each other . Congratulations on 20 Years. Auntie Lana & Uncle Keith

  5. That is so sweet. Thank you for sharing it. After seeing your 20 years together in this video, I’m happy I told Mistin about you after seeing you perform in a skit at First Baptist Church in Pound! God was truly in the middle of this union right from the beginning.

  6. Happy Anniversary! You two are the most amazing couple. You are so good together.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. I love the sign pic at first Baptist in Pound on the Video “Pastor Dennis Loves Mistin” – that caused quite a stir as I recall.

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