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The Warrior Queen of Tignish

It had been a weird week. One where I couldn’t seem to find my people, my role, or even my faith. I was feeling lost and crying way too much. My husband suggested I cancel my plans for the day and just get out of the city. Earlier that morning

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Song Reviews

Don’t Put the Blame on Me

1.37 billion views on YouTube.Rag’n’Bone man’s song “Human.” is resonating with a lot of people. I’m one of them. At first, with his oft-repeated line “Don’t put the blame on me,” he sounds like an excuse-making loser, averse to responsibility. But that is not at all the message of the song.

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The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill

Mars Hill was a church in Seattle that was wildly successful for a few years and then flamed out almost overnight. Its pastor, Mark Driscoll, was an edgy angry, macho man who could spellbind audiences with his words. He was sick of “soft” feminized evangelicalism, and so he went after

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Movie Reviews


She saw something in him — something extraordinary, something worthy of her deepest love. So she became friends with him, helped him any way she could — drove him around, helped manage his failing music career, and was a constant source of encouragement. He appreciated her and loved spending time

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Book Reviews

Three Books on Genocide I Read This Summer

Three Books on Genocide I Read this Summer  Admittedly I might need to embrace some more uplighting themes in the coming days. However, in my defense, none of these books were on my book list. They all arrived unexpectedly.  The first landed in my lap after an argument with my

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